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Post by b0ZZ on Thu May 02, 2013 12:02 pm

Since we want to be like a family, the most important part is to be always there for ur guild mates!
Doesnt matter if its about CP/DP, doing quests or pking, u always have to bk up ur guild mates!
This means, even if a friend of u (outside the guild), is for example pking a guildmate, u have to bk up ur guild mate!!!
Behaviour wich harms the guild environment wont get tolerated, so be nice to ur guild mates, tho u dont have to love everyone, i know that is impossible

Everyone in here is able to speek out his/her opinion freely and i ask everyone to do so, since theres nothing worse than growing anger.

Guildlanguage is english only !!!!!

I dont want anyone else using ur chars in this guild, besides a family member.(no sharing accounts with friends)

Things wich will harm the reputation of the guild, wont get tolerated (scamming,rupee buying,insulting ppl in a bad way)

Since we are a pvp guild too, u are free to pk anyone on field, outside u should stay calmed, except u have a good reason for it.

Our decisions are always made by the guild not by the leaders. This means for example that the guild decides about who to add and who not, 1 no with a valid reason by any member will result in a decline of the application.

Only players wich have been asked by a guildmember, are able to write an application, all others will get deleted

Every new player will have 4 weeks trial time, where he/she is getting watched closely, wrong behaviour means u will get kicked

If u going on break or beeing absence for a while, u have to make a post on forum, or u will get kicked after a while

Also u need to check the forum and stay active there, dont use ur phone for logging in, it may cause problems

Every1 should have skype/ts3 for better communication and for sieges

All in all i want everyone to improve as much as u can, act as a family and be sure there will be always a helping hand if needed

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