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How to become one of us Empty How to become one of us

Post by b0ZZ on Thu May 02, 2013 12:45 pm

If u wanna make an apply here, u should have been asked by a member to do so, if u didnt get asked, dont try it !!!
Automatically, if u make an apply ,u will accept the guild rules ,( click me ) so read them first.
After u joined, u got a 4 weeks trial time, where u getting watched closely.

So finally how to become one of us:
U have go to Recruitment , click on new topic, name it after ur char and answer following questions:

-Who asked u to make an apply?

- What is ur ingame name/class/lvl ?

-Are u male/female?

-Ur age and where do u come from?

-Wich were ur previous guilds?

-Why u wanna join us?

-What is ur personal goal ingame?

-Why we should pick u as a member?

-Ingame related stuff? (other chars/buff slaves/how long do u play)

-Tell us about urslef (Job/Hobbys/School/or anything u wanna tell)

U DONT HAVE TO REGISTER YET, to write an apply, u can do it as guest. u got the option there to use a name How to become one of us 2400292208
u can register on forum after ur apply got accepted How to become one of us 2400292208

remember if 1 guild member says no with a valid reason, ur apply will be declined.
the more u write, the more *yes* u will get mostly
applys will need some time till they get accepted or declined, so be patient

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