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Post by Xeyra on Sun May 25, 2014 12:45 pm

Who asked u to make an apply?

- What is ur ingame name/class/lvl ?
Battle summoner

-Are u male/female?

-Ur age and where do u come from?
21 (22/06/1992)  lol! 
Im from italy

-Wich were ur previous guilds?
I had no guild previously   

-Why u wanna join us?
Your members are very friendly and helpful as a family and I like the name "Game of Thrones"

-What is ur personal goal ingame?
I would like to have fun and have a good time

-Why we should pick u as a member?
You are not forced to accept me  

-Ingame related stuff? (other chars/buff slaves/how long do u play)
Kyriga 105 SH
I was playing on a server tanda with my Evoker (Epic 4)
I also frequented the server fenice [ITA]

-Tell us about urslef (Job/Hobbys/School/or anything u wanna tell)
I am a fan of television series like teenwolf, Game of Thrones, the bing bang theory.
I read manga and watch anime, I like to play mmorpg and I'm waiting for the 'release of ArcheAge.
I'm unemployed because here in Italy there is not much job.
sorry if my English is very basic and there are many errors but I come from italy

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Re: Hi!!!!!!!

Post by b0ZZ on Sun May 25, 2014 2:23 pm

well, u didnt read the recruit section carefully, aslong as no1 asked ya to make an apply, u cant

its friends only


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