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Post by b0ZZ on Thu May 02, 2013 12:29 pm

We are a fresh made guild on 01.05.2013 and will be there till the servers shutting down.
In here its all about beeing a family, staying together, bk up each other and having fun.
I am the leader, also theres wednesday and itachi11 as co's , always feel free to pm us ingame. Razvan is the superior Forum mod so special thanks for all his work
We are a pve and pvp guild, so if ur against pking, this wont be ur place.
There will be always a helping hand if u need one!
We are recommend the use of ts3 or skype, so u should have those programms for a better communication.
The dungeon money will be used for guildevents and sieges

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Guild leader
Guild leader

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